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Searching for a Videography expert can be hard especially if this is your first time. You want a Videography in Germantown MD who will go out of his way to get you the best services, on time, and at an affordable cost. Well, here is the best option for Videography in Germantown…


Michael Jordan Video Production is a leading Videography in Germantown MD, Maryland that has been in operation for years. No other videographer in the region combines creativity, affordability, and quality customer support like we do: we guarantee it!

PROFESSIONAL & FRIENDLY Videography in Germantown, MD

From the moment you contact us for the first time, to the filming, editing, and everything else related to videography, you can count on our professional and friendly services. We never tire going against the norms to get you the Videography in Germantown MD service you deserve.


Our team of videographers will produce your commercial or record your event with creative flair and personal touch sure to make an impression and bring results.


Michael Jordan Video Production is a leading videography company in Germantown, Maryland that has been in operation for years. No other videographer in the region combines creativity, affordability, and quality customer support like we do: we guarantee it!

Give us a call today and talk to one of our friendly, experienced, and professional staff about your videography needs. With us Videography in Germantown . you can expect a service that will promote your product in an appealing and informative way that will drive business to your door.


Videography in Germantown

Why Michael Jordan Video Production?

You’ll get Customized Services and Sound.

We understand your unique videography needs and that what works for another person may not work for you. This is why our videography expert will take time to listen and understand your needs. From this, info, we’ll know and execute what will work best for you.

We have Vast Experience in Videography.

Michael Jordan Video Production has been providing videography services in Maryland and its environs for years. We’ve handled the most complex and the most demanding tasks which makes us the perfect fit for all your videography needs. Whether you own a small local boutique or a multinational corporation, we have what it takes to handle your project.

Here are some of the accounts that Michael, our owner have successfully handled:

• Hertrich-Frederick Ford Dealership
• Johnny Janosik Furniture
• Thompson’s Music and Sound
• Short’s Marine
• Among others

We Use the Latest Technology.

Technology in filming, storyboarding, filming, and editing keeps changing and to ensure we stay on top of the game, we keep updating our technology. You don’t have to settle for substandard services when you can get the best from a well-trained and fully-equipped videography experts.

We are Creative & Affordable.

When working on your project, we’ll go the extra mile to ensure that you get a perfect production. Most companies will charge you on an hourly basis and then keep adding charges with every additional second. With us, however, we have a fixed charge and we’ll keep filming until we get every shot. Our videography experts will keep going until we get that perfect video you’ve always envisioned.


Web Videos

Having a video on your website will not only make it easier for people to understand your business but will also boost your SEO ranking. To achieve this, however, you need to work with a team that has vast experience, wide knowledge, and the latest videography technology. Michael Jordan Video Production is a trusted videography company that will get you higher quality images, sound, and reliable support service. With us, you can have a guarantee of getting the best video for your website.

Live Performances

Are you looking for a live performance videographer who will make everyone that watches the video wish he attended the event? Get in touch with our videography experts and we’ll make it happen! Your fans refresh their memories regarding your live performance and anticipate to attend your next big event. Through the video, you’ll also get new fans that will see what they’ve been missing out by not attending your live performances.


No idea is too big or too small. If you want to tell your story or share your experience with the world, Michael Jordan Video Productions will bring it to life. Our talented and creative videography team will walk with you from the pre-production stage, production, and even in post-production. In us, you have a friend who will go to any length to ensure that you get a documentary has the impact you’ve always desired on your target audience.

Corporate Presentations

Nothing will tell your company’s history, culture, and what sets you apart from your competitors than a corporate video presentation. It will engage the audience and make them have a better understanding of issues that would have been too difficult to explain by word of mouth.

Producing a corporate video is amazing but can be quite challenging to handle on your own. As a corporate leader, you may not have the time or the necessary knowledge to come up with the right video quality and this is where our videography services come in. our professional videography expert will take up the task of creating your corporate presentation so that you can have enough time to handle other important tasks.

Business Advertising Videos

However big or small your business is, you cannot afford to ignore video advertising. This form of marketing is not only effective in increasing sales but also enhance your brand’s recognition. Most customers will relate with video advertising better compared to an ordinary advert.

Michael Jordan Video Advertising is your to-go videographer every time you need a business advertising video. To get the ball rolling, all you need is to make a call and our expert team will be with you until you achieve your advertising goals.

Sales Promotion Videos

Getting a good marketer is getting harder by the day as the audience gets more fragmented. The media is also getting more complex, making it more difficult to break through. This is where our videography services come in…

We have a team of experts that will produce a compelling sales promotion video that will captivate your audience, inspire people to act, and bring the results you want for your brand. We’ll ensure that the video content will give your customers the confidence they need to make the move you crave for; buy your product.

Seminar Recordings

When making plans for your upcoming seminar, big or small, creating a video for the event is priceless. The wealth of information in a professionally recorded video will not only be a source of reference in the future but will also be a tool to get more web visits. With our experience in videography, we’ll ensure that you get a seminar recording that will give your business the exposure it needs to push it to the next level.

To get you a customized video, one of our professional videographers will talk to you about the info you want on the video. He’ll also take time to observe the conference room’s layout so he can mark the best location for the lighting, sound system, and other equipment. With these arrangements, you can have a guarantee of getting a professional seminar recording video.

Videography in Germantown
Videography in Germantown

Music Videos

We love creating music videos at Michael Jordan Video Advertising! We know that your video will portray your identity and who you are and this is why we’ll come up with a music video that will make you shine. Whether you are a music pro or in the start-up stage, we’ll ensure that you get the best music video.

TV Commercials

At Michael Jordan Video Production, we know what it takes to generate a stellar TV commercial that will deliver your organization’s message with style. Our videography experts will take time to listen to you and understand what you need and using this knowledge, we’ll create a successful TV commercial.

Give us a call today and like we always do, a team of creative professionals will be dedicated to your production and will not stop working until your business reaches its goal.

Videography in Germantown

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Ad Agency Services

Working with an Ad agency that can help in developing marketing campaigns and taking care of your messaging will greatly benefit your business. Our Ad experts have years of experience in providing Ad services and will apply what will work best for you. With the right strategy in place, open communication, and the latest technology in advertising, you can have a guarantee of getting the results you want.

Get in touch with us today and together, we’ll kick start an Ad campaign that will push your business to the next level.

Call us now. We look forward to making you one of our happy clients!